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Viroqua Community Theatre
Creating one community through the arts
Attached are the "Shrek" rehearsal schedules for May, June, and July!  
When you open them, please scroll down (past September 2018) 
to find the information


*Rehearsals at 5-6-7-8 * DANCE STUDIO (In back of Tractor Supply Building)
**Students should have prior arrangements made or a contact to call in case any rehearsals finish up early
***Cast members should always wear comfortable stretchy clothes to all rehearsals (no jeans, no skirts/dresses)

Shrek, the Musical

Shrek - Nathan Randall (Trevor Lyons understudy)
Young Shrek - Dalton Springborn
Fiona - Tara Lyons (Kathy Williams understudy)
Teen Fiona - Madison Dull (Olivia Nottestad understudy)
Young Fiona - Cecelia Lyons (Margo Wade understudy)
Fiona Ogress - Kathy Williams (Taylor Hessler understudy)
Donkey - Gavan U'prichard (Brian Lyle understudy)
Farquaad - Dean Saner (Kevin Miro understudy)
Mama Agre - Pam Kalinosky
Papa Ogre - Trevor Lyons
King Harold - Brian Lyle
Queen Lillian - Taylor Hessler
Dragon - Dodie Whitaker (Thea Sawvell-Hass understudy)
Gingy - Laila Johnson
Pinocchoi - Vaugard Latuia
Wolf - Jasper Coulson
Pig 1/Performers - Abi Wileman
Pig 2/Performers - Cami Leer
Pig 3/Performers - Jenevieve Getter
White Rabbit - Rebecca Fitzwater
Fairy Godmother - Jaali Parrish
Peter Pan - Lucas Charles
Ugly Duckling - Nicollette Wallace
Sugar Plum Fairy - Erica Howe
Witch - Thea Sawvell-Hass
Mad Hatter - Olivia Nottestad
Humpty Dumpty - Linnea Peterson
Mama Bear - Cory Colburn
Papa Bear - Mitchell Colburn
Baby Bear - Landon Colburn
Elf - Elizabeth Colburn
Captain of the Guard - Maxwell Thew
Guard 1/Knight 6 - Devin Springborn
Guard 2/Knight 4 - Milo Duff-Gay
Guard 3/Knight 3 - Steven Wedwick
Guard 4/Knight 2 - Brooks Ekern
Guard 5/Knight 7 - Dylan Wedwick
Guard 6/Knight 1 - Kevin Miro
Knight 5 - Brogan Cary
Pied Piper - Margo Wade
Bishop/Townspeople - Mike Henchen
Blind Mice #1/Performers - Iris Belling-Dunn
Blind Mice #2/Performers - Aveline Belling-Dunn
Blind Mice #3/Performers -Jiamin Li
Townspeople - Mattea Nelson
Townspeople - Logan Saunders
Townspeople - Katrina Corelli
Townspeople - Lucia Nicholes
Townspeople - Corinna Corelli
Townspeople - Jean Westerhoff
Townspeople - Ellie Lyons
Townspeople - Luella Albright
Townspeople - Willow Albright
Townspeople - Molly O'Conner
Townspeople - Rebecca Wileman
Townspeople - Amy Gabrielson
Townspeople - Dalton Springborn
Townspeople - Cecelia Lyons
Townspeople - Maya Fassbinder
Thelonius/Greeter/Townspeople - Tanner Wileman
Fairy Tale Chorus - Adrianna Briggson
Fairy Tale Chorus - Mackenzie Ostrem
Fairy Tale Chorus - Stella Fergot
Fairy Tale Chorus - Margarita Mayberry
Dwarf (Grumpy) - Brogan Cary

Thursday night, May 24 - 6:00 pm
Viroqua Public Library

All members welcomed!