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Viroqua Community Theatre
Creating one community through the arts

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Replacing Linda 

is VCT's latest comedy video ...

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for VCT's fall production of
 The Guys
by Anne Nelson

Needed: One performer to play a man aged 30-59
One performer to play a woman aged 30-59

 Auditions will be Tuesday, June 22 and Wednesday , June 23 from 7-9  
 PM at the Landmark Center Theatre, Room 208, 500 E. Jefferson in 
 Viroqua. Alternative arrangements can be made for any type of 
 mobility limitations. Auditions will consist of reading from the script.

   To schedule an audition and/or get questions answered contact:

   Peter "Pita" Daniels, Director
   Email: viarts@gmail.com   Phone: 608-632-7628

 This is a two-person drama to be presented in September 2021 (TBA) 
 in memory of all who lost their lives on 9/1/ 2001. The one-act play tells
 the story of Joan, an editor, and Nick, a firefighter, both middle-aged,
 during an afternoon they spend working on eulogies for 
 the eight men lost in Nick's New York City firehouse company. As they 
 find the words to honor these lost lives, they both find connection, 
 humor and healing with each other and the strength to face the 
 challenges within themselves that come out that afternoon, in the 
 aftermath of 9/11.