The Viroqua Community Theatre was established in 2007, as a way to provide an opportunity for dramatic expression in theater, education and performance - creating one community through the arts. Viroqua Community Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

One of the benefits of a strong cultural presence is that it inspires creativity and offers opportunity for expression to our community. It unites us and provides an opportunity for healthy social relationships to build. Art enhances the economics of our region and makes for improved relationships both socially, and in the business world.


Board of Directors
President: Nathan Randall
Vice President: Dean Saner
Secretary: Shelley Keenan
Treasurer: Brian Mastin
Membership Coordinator: Kathleen Cade

 Nikki Dull, Elias Ellefson, Jennifer Getter, Jacinta Henden,
Cheryl Mickelson, and Pam Kalinosky

VCT Members: 
Julee and Ben Agar, David and Diane Banner, Arthur and Angie Bernstein, Paul Berquist and Carole Austin, Brian and Marlene Blatz, Genevieve Breitbach, Bruland Family, Kathleen Cade, Scott Champion, Edwin and Barbara Christie, Deb Cooper, Karen Dahl, Brynn Deaver, Deb and Eric Deaver, Elias and Carrie Ellefson, Craig Fortney, Gail and Loann Frie, Susan Gesslein, Dan and Sue Heitman, Rob and Meg and Lizzy Hoversten, Artie and Debbie Johnson, Mike and Pam Kalinosky, Amber Keenan, Ashley Keenan, Charlie and Patti Knower, Terri Kotek, Peg LaMartina, Ingrid Mahan, Bill and Jo Ellen Mapp, Nan Marshall and Jim Kangas, Ed and Barbara Martinez, Brian and Tammy Mastin, Sarah Mayer, Margo Mills, Chuck and Mary Mulvaney-Kemp, Kevin and Risha Murray, Bonnie and Jack Rath, Nancy Rhodes, Dan and Tracy Solverson, Robert and Janet Starr, Matt Urch and Sara Martinez, Brad and Janna Thew, Trudy Wallin, Tom and Danelle Weston, Paul and Krista Woodward
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