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VCT Board of Directors

Brian Mastin

Board of Directors - President

Brian Mastin is an example of how community theater can happen to anyone at any time. He went from never being in any theater as a youth, to becoming involved in several shows with his wife and family, and now becoming involved in the organizational part of productions.

Deb Michaels

Board of Directors - Secretary

I have been a member of the board since 2020. In addition to being the secretary, I serve on the scholarship committee.

Margaret (Meg) Hoversten

Board of Directors

Margaret (Meg) Eiben Hoversten prefers to either be behind the curtain or in the audience. Currently she sits the VCT marketing and document review committees. Her favorite theater production is whatever one of her family members is currently acting in (or the current VCT production).

Nikki Steele

Board of Directors

Brian Ekern

Board of Directors - Vice President

James Fuller

Board of Directors

Ary Howe

Board of Directors

Ary Howe has been involved in VCT since they were in middle school, starting with the role of Amaryllis in 'The Music Man.' They enjoy performing and heartily support the idea of one community through the arts. They joined the board in January of 2022 and serve on the scholarship and reading committees.

Chris Cox

Board of Directors - Treasurer

Chris Cox has worked on most of VCT’s plays as a lighting or set guy. Likes to see the world through a chiaroscuro lens but isn’t black and white about it. Favorite musical is “Mr Burns, a Post-Electric Play”, favorite downer playwright is Sam Shepard, favorite whimsical playwright is Sarah Ruhl.

Dan Heitman

Board of Directors

I’m excited to start my second term on the Viroqua Community Theater board. The camaraderie of working with fellow board members and the diverse talents that join forces to make a production happen are the most motivating aspects of this endeavor. I’ve enjoyed all my on-stage and backstage work with VCT. My most enjoyable on-stage role was having the privilege of playing the Cowardly Lion in VCT’s production of the “Wizard of Oz”.

Ashley Keenan

Board of Directors

I joined the VCT Board in 2023 where I am a part of the Marketing Committee and the Reading and Programming Committee. My first adventure with VCT was with Music Man where I helped run the sound board and since then I have been backstage, side stage, front of house, and on stage. Whether it be watching, helping, or performing, being a part of the VCT family has brought so much joy! My all time favorite musical is Hairspray and my most recent viewing was The Book of Mormon!

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