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to keep the lights on.

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See your name or business name listed in our programs

Play a starring role in building community and supporting the arts

Use your voice at regular board meetings and voting rights at the Annual Board Meeting 

Thanks to our 2022 VCT Members

Donna Amelse

Ellen Arndorfer

Carole Austin & Paul Bergquist

Brian Blatz

Marlene Blatz

Julee Caspers Agar

Scott Champion

Angie Cina

Debbi Cooper

Chris Cox

Karen M. Dahl

Pita, Gabrielle & Miles Daniels

Deb & Eric Deaver

Jayne Eiben

Brian & Jane Ekern

Elias Ellefson

Trina Erickson & Thomas Bullard

Gail & Loann Frie

Celeste Gibson

Michelle & Michael Goebel

Dan & Sue Heitman

Jacinta Henden

Steve Hill & Pamela Vig

David Hough

Meg & Rob Hoversten

Lizzy Hoversten

Ary Howe

Jon & Suzie Howe

Karen Innis

Mike Kalinosky

Pam Kalinosky

Charles & Patricia Knower

Dian & Gary Krause

Angie & Jeff Lawrence

Kim Littel

Brian Lyle

Gigi Macasaet

Bill & JoEllen Mapp

Nan Marshall

Sara Martinez

Brian & Tammy Mastin

Sarah Mayer

Steven & Deb Michaels

Ron & Patty Moilien

Chuck & Mary Mulvaney-Kemp

John & Sandy Nelson

Rebecca Palmer

Stephanie & John Pedretti

Ed Peterson

Debra Primmer

Jack & Bonnie Rath

Nancy Rhodes

Chris & Emily Rozeske

Jean Rozeske

Dean & Jackie Saner

Kevin & Ann Sherry

Marlene Sordahl

Nikki & Ivan Steele

Madison Steele

Joyce Carlson Unseth

Matt Urch

Trudy Wallin

Tom & Danelle Weston

Paul Woodward

Choose the membership that's right for you

Individual & Family Memberships

  • The Family Von Trapp

    Family membership up to three adults
    Valid for one year
  • Hamilton Home

    Family membership up to three adults
    Valid for one year
  • Off Broadway

    Individual membership
    Valid for one year
  • Vaudville

    Individual membership
    Valid for one year
  • Black Box

    Individual membership
    Valid for one year
  • Student

    Individual, non-voting membership
    Valid for one year

2023 Business Sponsors

Red Carpet
Business Card

Dian Kraug


Elegant Stone

Landmark Center

Pam Kalinosky

Viroqua Counseling

 5-6-7-8 Dance
Gunderson Clinic
Viroqua Foundation

Viroqua Variety

Animal Tracks
Green for Life
L Cove Farm
Quality of Life
Simplicity Acts
State Farm
SW Sanitation
Vernon Communications
Viroqua Food Coop
Vosseteig Funeral Home

Century 21
Nelsons Agri-Center
Royal Bank
Schlicht Insurance
Viroqua Dental

Viroqua Public Market
Vernon Memorial Hospital

Business Sponsorships

  • Red Carpet

    Valid for one year
    • Full page ad in program
    • Sign in the lobby highlighting your sponsorship
    • Mention of your sponsorship in online promotion
    • Announcement of your sponsorship before the show
    • 10 free tickets
  • Royalty

    Valid for one year
    • 1/2 page ad in program
    • Announcement of your sponsorship before the show
    • 5 free tickets
  • Broadway

    Valid for one year
    • 1/3 page ad in program
    • Announcement of your sponsorship before the show
    • 2 free tickets
  • Business Card

    Valid for one year
    • Your business card in program

The Viroqua Community Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of Wisconsin. We are supported only by the generosity of many dedicated, creative, and talented people. Please join and support us in any way you can. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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