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Welcome to the landing site for Viroqua Community Theater's current season! Here, you'll find a gateway to a world of captivating performances and enriching experiences. Our season is a tapestry of diverse productions, ranging from beloved classics to exciting variety performances, each carefully chosen to delight and inspire audiences of all ages.

Hover over the "Current Season" drop-down menu to uncover a treasure trove of theatrical wonders. Whether you're seeking the timeless charm of a Dickensian holiday with "A Christmas Carol," the poignant reflections in "Urinetown the Musical," or the incredible talent brought to life by our community, each production promises to transport you to new realms of imagination and emotion.

Explore further to discover show details, performance schedules, and how you can be part of our vibrant theater community. Join us in celebrating the magic of live theater and the power of storytelling to connect and uplift us all.

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